These 1-day optometry conferences are dedicated to a specific subject important to the success of the private practice owner. Designed to help give a clear understanding of topics meant to improve practice performance, these conferences change lives.

Led by a group of experts, each event provides information and inspiration covering all angles of a topic, followed by a robust Q&A session to conclude the day.

National Practice Transitions Conference

If you’re anywhere in the process of making a major change in your practice such as a purchase or sale, you must attend our exclusive conference. In just one day, you will gain the tools you need to accomplish a successful practice transition.

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Austin, TX – October 4th

Exiting Vision Plans… Profitably!

This conference will explore the means and methodology of increasing profitability from, or eliminating reliance upon, Managed Vision Plans (MVP).  Areas covered will be understanding MVP margin contribution, negotiating with MVPs, maximizing MVP profits, and preparing for MVP exits.

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Philadelphia, PA – November 16th

National Eyecare Leadership Team Development Conference

A well-performing team is the bedrock on which your practice is built. It’s up to you to ensure morale is high, cooperation is seamless, and that communication is fluid.  And with the information you receive at the National Eyecare Leadership Team Development Conference, you can ensure your office is a productive workplace.

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Chicago, IL – October 17th
More Optometry Conferences Coming Soon!

Full 2019 SCHEDULE

May 4th – National Exiting Vision Plans Conference – Washington DC

May 11th – National Practice Transitions Conference – Dallas, TX

June 3rd – National Exiting Vision Plans Conference – Atlanta, GA

July 18th – National Eyecare Facilities Conference – Anaheim, CA

July 19th – National Practice Transitions Conference – Anaheim, CA

September 12th – National Growing Your Practice Conference – Chicago, IL

October 4th – National Practice Transitions Conference – Austin, TX

October 17th – National Optometry Team Building Conference – Chicago, IL

November 16th – National Exiting Vision Plans Conference – Philadelphia, PA

More info coming soon!

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The unique optometry conferences are made for business owners looking to improve their practices. Perhaps there’s an opportunity for you!

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