Your specific business challenges may be new to you, but they aren’t really new.

There are scores of successful independent eye care providers who’ve already worked through similar dilemmas. They’ve learned from it. They’ve grown from it. They’re willing to share.

Let Us Show You The Way

What sets the wisdom-sharing model at Cleinman Performance Network apart?

It is the unique support structure that surrounds the dialogue. As a Network client you’re placed in a highly confidential, non-competitive group environment managed by a professional facilitator. Every conversation is transcribed and archived in a secure web location for your review. Best practices are recorded in a searchable database.

You know you want to…

Our highly constructive wisdom sharing, peer group system propels your business development forward. You commit to taking steps to improve and report back to your expectant OD group on the outcomes. Those management decisions are measured against your benchmark data, providing you with real-time analysis. Clients keep in touch through the year on our secure website.

Don’t go it alone!