Considering optical sales can account for 55% of your revenue it makes smart financial sense for you and your optical staff to work as a team.

Do you have a clear vision for your optical boutique?  Would your opticians benefit from their own professional peer-to-peer network to achieve growth goals in optical? FrameWorks is the ONLY peer-to-peer wisdom sharing group dedicated to optical business development.  Sharing strategies to increase optical profitability is critical to driving performance.  Direct consultation and project planning supports your team with implementation of new and innovative business strategies which drive optical revenue.

As a partner of FrameWorks you will receive:

  • Direct consulting dedicated to optical business development
  • A proprietary benchmarking system that tracks practice performance and supports action planning
  • Marketing strategies
  • Inventory control and management
  • Project planning
  • Professional development of your optical team to include team building, sales language and culture
  • New and innovative product knowledge
  • Bi-annual wisdom-share meetings with professional opticians from practices across North America inclusive of all meals, events and meeting materials
  • Access to the FrameWorks Members Area which includes a searchable database for Optical Management Materials
  • Inventory control and management/pricing strategies
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Disclaimer: Workshop payment will be billed on the 15th of each month and cannot be combined with other discount offers. The workshops purchased are not open-ended and must be specified at time of purchase. The workshop attendee must also be specified at time of purchase. Payment plans may not be combined with other offers.