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Early Diagnosis with Functional Assessment
Traditionally many clinicians have believed detection of ocular disease by visualization, or imaging, allows for early diagnosis. Truthfully the advancements in structural imaging does allow for earlier diagnosis, but even still when structural changes become apparent it can be argued this isn’t the earliest detection possible. This course will provide an understanding of how to obtain functional assessments, with electrodiagnostic testing. It will then be demonstrated, with actual cases, how this method will allow the clinician to detect and diagnose many ocular diseases earlier than with other methods.

Systemic Inflammation and Eye Disease
The ocular diseases optometrists regularly diagnose (Glaucoma, AMD and dry eye) have all shown to be associated with inflammation. In the absence of injury or infection it needs to be recognized this inflammation is of systemic origin. This course is designed to help the optometrist look for that “systemic link” to not only help manage the ocular disease better, but create an improved patient well-being.

Approved for 2 hours of COPE Credits Each
(A total of 4 COPE Credits)

Friday, May 17th from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm in St. Louis, Missouri

Presented by: Chuck Aldridge, O.D., M.B.A., F.A.A.O.


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4 COPE (SD-3) (PH-1) CE
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Jerry Sherman, OD, and Alberto Gonzalez Garcia, MD
4 COPE (general optometry) CE
Dallas, Texas

The Opto-METRIC Odyssey: Retina Health Assessment and the Posterior Segment
Dorothy Hitchmoth, OD; Richard Maharaj, BSC; Stuart Richer, PhD; and Jerry Sherman, OD
4 COPE (clinical) CE
Chicago, Illinois

Vision in the Digital World
Jim Sheedy, OD
4 COPE (GO-4) CE
Dallas, Texas

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