National Optometry Team Building Conference
Chicago, IL – October 17th

So you own your own optometry practice now.  You’ve worked hard to make it look good.  You’ve worked hard to promote it.  Now is the time to invest in that single most important element to your success: Your Team.

A well-performing team is the bedrock on which your practice is built. It’s up to you to ensure morale is high, cooperation is seamless, and that communication is fluid.  And with the information you receive at the National Optometry Team-Building Conference, you can ensure your office is a productive workplace.

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At this conference you will learn how to engage your employees and help them to engage with each other positively.  The end goal is not just about operational efficiency.  A team that works well together has a better chance of providing amazing customer service which, in itself, can ensure the loyalty of current patients, and draw new patients to your practice from positive reviews.


Every practice owner and manager who is ready to explore new methods of team leadership.  The National Optometry Team-Building Conference will help you turn a team of independent employees into a cohesive and cooperative workforce.



Eaglewood Resort & Spa
1401 Nordic Road
Itasca, IL 60143 United States

ABOUT OUR SPEAKERS: At our conference, you’ll hear from some of the best and brightest people in Optometry. Years of experience in employee relations and team building will be at your disposal for you to use to build the team your practice needs to succeed.


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National Optometry Team Building Conference$795.00 $645.00

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