National Eyecare Leadership Team Development Conference
Chicago, IL – October 17th

Author and Leadership Guru Robin Sharma once was asked at a presentation, “How do you build a winning team? How do you motivate your team? How do I get teammates who are inspired to wow their customers, to be great teammates, to do great work, to help me build a great company?” Not surprisingly, his answer was inherently simple and complex; he said, “You have to be the change you want to see in your employees…because then you will do whatever a leader without a title does…influence people.”

Practice owners often struggle to answer those same questions and each member—CEO or key team leader—brings with them an issue that is uniquely their own yet recognizable by most, i.e., the inability to adapt the staff, the culture, and accommodate the needs of the technologically-savvy future workforce or think entrepreneurially about operational efficiency and profitability.

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During this full-day workshop you’ll learn how contemporary leaders successfully guide their workforce, improve retention, communication, and productivity.

The topics for the event will be broken down into three different segments:

  • The Team (building the team of the future)
  • The Work (setting direction, values and internal innovation)
  • The Employee (supporting and investing)


Every practice owner, manager or key team leader who is ready to explore new methods of team leadership.  The National Eyecare Leadership Team Development Conference will help you turn a team of independent employees into a cohesive and cooperative workforce.



Eaglewood Resort & Spa
1401 Nordic Road
Itasca, IL 60143 United States

ABOUT OUR SPEAKERS: At our conference, you’ll hear from some of the best and brightest people in Optometry. Years of experience in employee relations and team building will be at your disposal for you to use to build the team your practice needs to succeed.

Al Cleinman

Founder & President, Cleinman Performance Partners

An entrepreneur and leader in the eye care community for more than 40 years, Al is best known as a strategist, innovator, and problem solver. He describes his passion in life as business: “I love business! Businesses where people are engaged with one another and where they ful­fill the hopes and dreams of stakeholders. I love ideas and putting ideas to work. I am especially passionate about helping others see and realize their own vision.

The creator of the eyecare industry’s first consumer magazine,  the first computerized patient recall system and optometry’s premier wisdom-sharing network, Al has been leading marketing initiatives for decades.  The industry’s most sought-after consultant on building large optometry practices, Al has extensive experience in marketing, strategy, new business development, succession planning and transactions.  The author of A Different Perspective:  An Entrepreneur’s Observations on Optometry, Business and Life, Al delivers motivational presentations to international audiences and has authored hundreds of practice development articles in optometry journals.

Amanda VanVoris

Director of Client Solutions, Cleinman Performance Partners

Amanda is committed to helping our practice partners continually find new ways to conquer business challenges. She and her team deliver custom consulting and analytic services to help you successfully navigate everything from small incremental management changes to large complex business development plans. Amanda joined Team Cleinman in 2004.

Today, she has more than 30 years of professional experience ranging from direct patient care and private practice administration to system-wide business and care delivery reengineering. Amanda really knows our practice partners and routinely visits their office locations delivering personalized consulting.

Ginamarie Wells

Senior Director of Client Services, Cleinman Performance Partners

Ginamarie is what you call a “lifelong learner.” She is a Master Certified Coach (MCC), Professional Workplace and Marital Mediator, and Trainer. She’s also a licensed Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. She holds Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in social art history from Binghamton University. Her B.A. was a concentration of art management and organizational behavior from Eckerd College.

Ginamarie is experienced in group and individual facilitation and program development. So, when Ginamarie talks about her “passion for bringing the power of creative thinking to individuals, helping alter their way of seeing, understanding and perceiving the world around them,” it is easy to understand why she’s heading up our Client Services department, the place where all the products and services offered to our clients are created and delivered.

Johanna Loeffler

Associate Consultant, Cleinman Performance Partners

In her capacity at Cleinman Performance Partners, Johanna Loeffler oversees the development of client resources, supports all consulting projects, and facilitates the ManagementWorks wisdom-share group at network meetings.

Johanna brings a wealth of practical management training to her role, including certifications in behavioral profiling through DISC, lean management as a Six-Sigma Lean Agent, managing workplace conflict, and emotional quotient interviewing.  Her experience and acumen in these areas have positioned her as not only a valuable member of the team, but as a knowledge expert in process, systems, and team dynamics.

Danny Clarke, O.D.

Owner Clarke Eyecare Center

Dr. Clarke has been in optometric private practice for the past 20 years and owns a high gross/high net, single location, 5-doctor group practice in Wichita Falls, Texas. He plays a leadership role in several optometric information sharing and study groups and has served as a speaker for various organizations.

He has achieved a lifestyle well balanced between family and work by building an environment where everyone in the practice thinks, acts, and feels like a business owner. It is called the Great Game of Business. Dr. Clarke along with his manager, Joely Anderson has developed optometry-specific consulting and workshops to help other practitioners implement the Great Game of Business into their own practices.


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National Optometry Team Building Conference$795.00

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