National Eyecare Marketing Conference
Chicago, IL – September 12th

Learn how to market to your client base, how to attract and keep patients, and how to best spend your marketing dollars: All keys to successfully marketing your practice. This one-day symposium will help you explore what it means to have a marketing plan for the future by addressing three primary areas that lay the foundation for a comprehensive marketing strategy for your optometry practice.

  • Brand Strategy & Marketing Economics
  • Market Analysis & Measurable Marketing
  • Marketing 2020

Attendees will enjoy presentations by several experts in the field and participate in a panel discussion at the end of the workshop, where you can get answers to your practice-specific marketing questions.

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You’ll learn important marketing principles such as:

  • The four cornerstones of optometric marketing
  • Practice marketing at its best
  • Outbound (External) Marketing
  • Urban vs Rural marketing
  • Plus, much more!

Any practice owner or practice manager who is looking to grow your practice.

The National Eyecare Marketing Conference will help you reach new patients and give you the return on investment that you need.  Marketing success starts here!



Eaglewood Resort & Spa
1401 Nordic Road
Itasca, IL 60143 United States

ABOUT OUR SPEAKERS: You’ll learn from some of the best and brightest people in Optometry. These highly experienced, informative, and engaging speakers will help you chart a new course with your marketing efforts.

Al Cleinman

Founder & President, Cleinman Performance Partners

An entrepreneur and leader in the eye care community for more than 40 years, Al is best known as a strategist, innovator, and problem solver. He describes his passion in life as business: “I love business! Businesses where people are engaged with one another and where they ful­fill the hopes and dreams of stakeholders. I love ideas and putting ideas to work. I am especially passionate about helping others see and realize their own vision.

The creator of the eyecare industry’s first consumer magazine,  the first computerized patient recall system and optometry’s premier wisdom-sharing network, Al has been leading marketing initiatives for decades.  The industry’s most sought-after consultant on building large optometry practices, Al has extensive experience in marketing, strategy, new business development, succession planning and transactions.  The author of A Different Perspective:  An Entrepreneur’s Observations on Optometry, Business and Life, Al delivers motivational presentations to international audiences and has authored hundreds of practice development articles in optometry journals.

Paul Herreras

President, Precision Practice Marketing

Paul’s high energy and insightful experience within optometry will provide the means and methodologies to get your phone to ring. Paul is one of only a handful of evidence-based Practice Marketing Consultants in the country helping doctors protect and grow their practices. He’s got over 100 “non-advertising” internal, external and professional referral marketing strategies in his arsenal. At last count, over the past twenty years, Paul has coached over 2,700 doctors and their team members. Paul has been published over 50 times and taught over 400 Practice Marketing Workshops throughout North America.



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National Eyecare Marketing Conference$795.00 $645.00

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