Exiting Vision Plans… Profitably!
November 16th in Philadelphia, PA

If you feel you’re too dependent on Vision Plans and want learn how to practice profitably without them, here’s good news: In just 1 day, our National Exiting Vision Plans… Profitably! Conference will give you the tools you need to get off the treadmill by reducing your reliance on Vision Plans.

At this conference, you’ll learn the best practices of other Optometrists and professionals who have successfully reduced their reliance on Vision Plan economics.

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ABOUT OUR SPEAKERS: At our conference, you’ll learn from some of the best and brightest people in Optometry. These highly experienced, informative, and engaging speakers will help you determine whether to stay with, reduce, or get out of the Vision Plan grind.

Meet the Experts

WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND? You’ll learn key business strategies such as:

  • Understanding Vision Plan economics
  • Creating a more profitable practice
  • Increasing your enjoyment of practicing Optometry
  • Negotiating with Vision Plans
  • Maximizing Vision Plan contributions
  • Boosting your cash flow using a proven marketing strategy
  • How to attract more self-pay patients
  • Methods for determining viability without Vision Plans
  • And much more…

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Optometrists and staff who want to work smarter, not harder by reducing or eliminating their dependence on low-margin, high maintenance Vision Plans.


Sheraton Philadelphia University City Hotel
3549 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Tickets are no longer available.