Not just another Benchmarking System

Cleinman Performance Partners knows the numbers of the optometry industry like few others.  Developed in-house, backed by years of experience, the Cleinman Benchmarking System lets our practice partners review their performance over time, on PC and mobile devices, under the guidance of knowledgeable facilitators.

The numbers tell a story.  Filtered through a set of specially developed formulas on this proprietary platform, and interpreted by our facilitators and your peers, can not only tell you where you have been, but can also, with guidance, tell you how to get where you want to go.

What sets ours apart?

  • Our numbers are honest. Network members who submit data want an accurate result to measure against.
  • Our numbers are tabulated in real time. We’ve devised a leading-edge technology structure so that our members can assess progress daily, if desired.
  • Our numbers are confidential. Our system is proprietary, so no one has access to your data but you.
  • Our numbers are historic. We invented this process. We’ve been tracking success stories for almost 15 years.
  • Our numbers are superior. Cleinman Performance Network members outperform the industry 4 to 1.

What Clients Say

The whole experience from benchmarking to the Strategic Review, and interacting with Al and his unique perspective, has made the possibility of future growth seem limitless or at the least, limited only by my level of desire to grow.
Rick Smart, OD, August, ME
I really enjoy the member meetings. The power of their benchmark system is incredible.
Tressa Malikkal, OD , Trappe Family Eye Care – Trappe, PA