How do you define success?

As an independent optometrist and business owner you define and create your own vision for success.  In the trajectory of your career, your definition of success will change.  What matters most today, will be different tomorrow in optometry practices.

Right now you may be driving hard toward bigger financial gain, strategizing to buy additional practices or build a larger new location.   Can you imagine a time when your primary focus is your family or community service?

Maybe your concerns about cash flow and debt management are a comfortable memory.  But now that you’re working through your succession plan, did you really maximize your opportunities for retirement?

Or, perhaps the management needs of the staff and the business have gotten in the way of patient care.  Is this a time in your life when you need to gain control and reclaim your vision?

Leverage the power of experience to find the smartest way forward for you.  With the right support – and a better perspective – your custom solution may bring you success beyond your imagination.

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Brad Schwartz OD

Spend time and money on continuous staff training. This will set you apart and pay dividends in terms of staff performance. Managing a good team is like raising children - listen, but be ( read more)

Todd Kirn OD

Although the concept of a secret shopper is nothing new, here is an example of how it was used at our office. Unfortunately, it uncovered that an employee was embezzling. I hired an outside ( read more)

Alan Winkelstein OD

Sent out an email blast on Monday before Thanksgiving offering $149 worth of services and/or product for $99 with a maximum of three certificates per patient, available for purchase on the ( read more)

Jason Lake OD

We have been running a "Talk of the Town" billboard campaign for 2 years where local "celebs" model our eyewear as part of an advertising campaign to increase knowledge ( read more)

Tania Sobchuk OD

We did a pretty major renovation on our practice this October. In the process I met with a local metal artist to create some metal lettering for our front wall. In addition to creating us ( read more)

Jennifer Redmond OD

We are using this cloud-based system for a high-tech and efficient way to check-in patients to the eye wear gallery. We switched to LobbyCentral, and we are really happy this new system. ( read more)

Greg Kraupa OD

Economic Gardening is a project managed by the National Center for Economic Gardening and hosted by the Edward Lowe Foundation. This is a nationwide program, but it is carried out at a ( read more)

Shawn McBride OD

We have a brief "huddle" in the morning 10 minutes before we open, where we review anything that needs discussion from the previous day, discuss what's in store for that day, etc. ( read more)

Mark Teeple OD

To introduce our members to our website and to gather email addresses we held a contest over 3 months inviting patients to submit photos of their children with eyewear from our office. The ( read more)

Michael Sonnleitner OD

We approached the local karate dojo with the idea of co-sponsoring a summer promotion for kids: "Self-Defense and Sun-Defense." We wanted to promote karate as a way to build kids' ( read more)

Daniel Hock OD

We moved a Vision Therapy department to a new stand alone location. We have teamed up with a reading specialist who will be offering tutoring ( read more)

Tim Nichols OD

In the first quarter of 2013, we noticed our per patient revenues were falling and began to investigate, hoping to pinpoint the cause and take action. We were seeing appropriate numbers of ( read more)

Vince Penza OD

Create customized gift cards that have a secret value. This is patterned after Victoria Secret's secret rewards program. The psychology behind it is that people get excited by the ( read more)

Chad Klein

We have a frame show at least once a year, which is a lot of work for the staff - preparation before the show, the day of the show is incredibly busy and the days following the show with ( read more)

Vince McMahon OD

We have found that handoffs are critical to sales in the dispensary. Getting realistic feedback from your dispensary staff about how well you handoff patients empowers them to be successful ( read more)

Daniel Herkert OD

We have created a "Patient Passport." It is a portfolio that contains all the information presented to the patient at the time of their experience at the office. The contents ( read more)

Sherrie Nunn OD

I had an office meeting. I would ask questions, and whomever got the answer right first got a prize. The prizes were in a bag, and they would pull one out. The prizes seemed strange: A bag ( read more)

Sarah Swanson OD

We have created a business card-size patient info card that we attach to all patients' orders that do not purchase a year supply of contacts. The purpose of the card is to inform the ( read more)

Susan Keene OD

Some time ago I overheard opticians telling patients with some vision plans, "you are not eligible for a frame this year but we can update your lenses." We decided to reword that ( read more)

Michael Bruce OD

Staff and patients submit compliments, catching our staff going above and beyond. These are all read at a monthly staff meeting with congratulations to the individual. One of these is ( read more)